Music Incursions

Music Education Incursions for Childcare, Kindergartens across Brisbane. Children play a wide range of instruments, sing, gain confidence and have fun learning and making music. Music, Movement and Mindfulness all in one show!

The children will see performances on guitarukulele and will join in using Kristle’s percussion instruments. Children will sing, dance, and play with classic children songs and hear some of Kristle’s new Australian Children’s songs. Kristle also uses story, movement and self-expression to ignite the children’s imaginations as they embark on a magical journey learning about fictional and non-fictional characters. 

Childcare centres and kindergartens will enjoy the benefits of a music incursion aligned to the Early Years Learning Framework – Australia of Belonging, Being and Becoming. The children will also learn the importance of participating within a group, kindness, sharing, using manners, responsibility for own actions, healthy eating and being an involved learner. They will participate in Mindfulness Techniques to enhance their wellbeing and learn how to manage big feelings. Each show is tailored to specific age groups: 6 months – 3 Years or 3 – 5 years (See Program (6 months – 3 years) or Program (3 – 5years) for full list of outcomes). 

This show is $500 for 45-minutes and is suitable for smaller group sizes (up to 44 children). This is an interactive show, and the smaller group size allows all children to have access to Kristle’s instruments. Kristle does offer a discount if you book two consecutive shows on the same day at your centre for two different groups. The price for two consecutive shows is $750 for 2 x 45-minute shows with a 30-minute break between the shows.